Writing a blog was never in my thoughts nor in wild dreams, but its has turned to be a beautiful reality today. I still remember how apprehensive I was when I posted my first post, disclosed it to my very near and dear friends, slowly did it kick start and every comments from all you wonderful people have driven this blog to a long way, which I want to and love to treasure it for rest of my life. In a way saying " I thank you all from bottom of my heart for spending your valuable time and posting your thoughts here". Wish to compile each and every comment here, but will choose the ones, that made me feel special or about my blog, food and picture :)

Rahamathunnisa said ...
YAY finally I can post here. Keep updating with wonderful writings, pics and recipes and we will follow you inshaaAllah.

Nonnapa said...
Great work Ananda!! I am sure that ur blog will become famous soon! Share it in facebook.

Child at the seashore said...
I want to learn all secrets from the Indian baking queen of Finland!! Will try this for Vappu although I am not confident hihi

Choclette said...
These look wonderful - your cakes always do. I can't believe you are relatively new to baking - it looks like you've been perfecting it all of your life. I feel for you on the PhD - my husband is meant to be " writing up" this year. I'll cross fingers for both of you.

Biny Anoop  said...
Awesome...i was scanning thru ur recipes and its really praise worthy that ur first post is soo perfect and good presentation.....great job. biny

Choclette said..
Now that looks like a cake to die for - it's beautiful and what fantastic flavours. I admire your patience - I don't have it, so could never produce anything as perfect as this.

Wendy@The Omnivorous Bear said..
Blimey!! That is one stunning cake! If you don't finish your PhD you could always be a baker!

Choclette said..
h do keep up the white chocolate recipes - they've been fantastic so far and this sounds so delicious and looks lovely. The best bit is, of course, the pinch of love.

5am Foodie said..
I love your photos - you have a real eye for it. I've noticed your posts on the UKFBA site and am really impressed with the work you've put into your blog and the traffic you seem to have built up already. Very cool! I think the photos make such a difference - they really invite people to take a look and see what you have to say. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!

Christian said..
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!
Thumbs up, and keep it going!

Priya said..
You know what??? I, for sure know that you wouldn't Marry me...., So I am planning to Kidnap YOU!!!!!!!!!! :P LOL!! this is the amazing gourmet that i've eva heard.......

Andrea said..
antastic photography! I love the tulip shot, its stunning, the color is breathtaking. You have a nice blog here, keep up the good work & awesome photography :)

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