A Tribute to Nature - Who is with me?

Most of us are aware about the destruction happening around us since Goddess nature has been fierce. Three flood that happened lately (the ones I came/read across) India 2010 followed by flood in Brazil and Australia 2011, which shook the whole world. It was tormenting to watch how much lives were swept away in Brazil, pathetic it was. Though the intensity was extremely high in Australia, life loss was more in India and exceed above 600 in Brazil. Eyes went moist when I saw the totally disturbing pictures. After all this only one question kept lingering in my mind was, why the same creator who created the world, nature and we creatures made the nature go wild and took so many innocent lives away just in one wash? isn't the lives of human being or any living creature precious? 

According to me every life on this earth be it good or bad (no offence just a brief distinction) has their own purpose/significance and value, so WHY? Yes we do have a scientific answer but according to spirituality my question remains unanswered.

In recent times a beautiful coherence between the science and spirituality do exists. According to science globe warming is one of the main cause of the nature's disastrous effect. From a spiritual point of view do we people in this generation live a part of our lives for others? Mostly we are self concerned. We are consistently showing or proving that we are stronger than nature or infact going against it by not showing our love for nature, one reason why nature is furious. Isn't time to think, it's OUR WORLD, WE stay here, WE should LOVE and RESPECT her?. By saying this a term positivity is generated around us which will manifold by itself, soon nature will start to protect us.

Now, I start to say "We shall put one foot forward to respect our loving earth" are you ready to take part? Nature is best and beautiful when it is calm and happy, it gives us a chance to stay serene.
My Final words are "Mother nature we still are your humble kids, please forgive us for our uncared attitude towards you, but kindly mellow down for we shall love you from now on". Prayers for strength and courage for each and every individual who was a victim in the catastrophe. And all those adorable domestic animals hope they will find their way back to adopted families.

Few words from Paulo Coelho which kindled my thoughts “Saving the planet” gives a sense of power, action and nobility. Whereas “not letting the planet destroy us” might lead us to feelings of despair and impotence, and to a realisation of just how very limited our capabilities are. Let’s be humble. Let’s respect Mother Earth because if She becomes furious with our behaviour, we are in trouble."


Patent Recipe :) - Basil Chicken

You got it right, this is my first recipe that originated from my brain, rare it is!! My all time fav, as according to me, its a prefect blend of  Italian flavour and with tad bit if Indian spiciness. Recipe hardly takes any efforts to make but very comforting with glass of wine, toasted bread or simply with dhal. It's hard for me to say with which it is best. Since the spark of chillies, zing of tanginess and subtle honey is perfectly indulging no matter what is on the side and most of the time especially with this chicken I will be totally engrossed in watching some good movie. Would strongly recommend chicken wings for this recipe, since meat is very tender and flavours get infused very well in short cooking time, have tried with boneless breast chicken, it was just ok. Do try it whenever you wish to, since all it need is garlic, basil, chilly, lemon and honey, not to forget a pinch of love that brings all the difference :) 


Inherited recipe - Okra curry / Okra soup kolambu

I'm sure your new year is bustling like a bee and you are completely into it...Mine started with bit of vacation hangover gradually moved to normal routine - running in and out. Keeping it short since it's Monday morning and you know how Monday syndromes are! This recipe is from my Ammama (Maternal grandma) I don't remember she making it but mum makes them so very often. Yet again it's our favorite, which is quite suitable with rice and papads. For those who are wondering how on earth I'm posting okra recipes during winter, I looted huge amount of okras from oriental shop during early winter and very well stored it my freezer. Now I'm making best use of my all time fav veggie. Have a great productive week ahead.


Happy New Year - Chocolate Caramel Cake

HAPPY NEW YEAR ...Oh was that too loud being late since we are already in the new year? it doesn't matter isn't it? Hope you all partied hard, had fun and very warmly embraced new year.

Myself and mum had a great new year eve. We were in fun filled Desi party, with enormous amount of food, fire crackers and gallons of fun. I made vindaloo chicken, spicy enough for the cold night and chocolate caramel cake for cake cutting ceremony. It was one of the longest parties (12 hrs) we talked, discussed, laughed, played games....and big hangover after that...:p

After a day full of sleep I recovered. This year for the first time in my life I took a resolution, that was by hook or by crook I have to complete my PhD.....God are you listening? Fingers crossed.

Another unforeseen surprise was I bagged DMBLGiT's originality award for my picture. It gave me a great motivation to start the year and brought the feel good atmosphere around me :D. With all goody goody thoughts around me one thing that struck my mind was "reflection". I reflect the deeds I do, my soul reflect the thoughts I think and my reaction reflects the action I do. I'm going to keep a constant check of all these within myself to get a clear reflection of self and there by put a foot forward for a clear world. Possibly you will see that in my pictures in this post.

With the end of "just my thoughts" I wish you lovely people a blessed, glorious, successful, wealthy, healthy and cheerful happy new year.

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