Will hibernate for a month - Black Forest Cake

What's in air? I have no idea whats going around, but yes I'm surrounded by my treasured peoples love 365 days! If you chose today to express yourself, say you love! 

In Finland it is celebrated as friends day, every year it has been fun time with friends, food and yum chocolate cake. This year with mum around, we haven't planned anything special (weather is -25C outside) other than  warm cozy dinner, with some bruschetta, pasta and molten chocolate cakes ;)

Black forest being Papa's and Mama's favorite cake I made sure to bake them. Since there had been many baking and eating we opted for mini version, later thought giga size would have been better! Previous time when the cake was baked during summer I made the jam from fresh cherries, freshness was scintillating, have added the recipe for it below. For this season I chose jam version, luckily got kind of home made version with chunks of cherries and ofcourse a good dollop of rum in it brought the difference. Fresh cream + mascarpone cheese was the highlight and super moist chocolate cake....Bliss!  We relished every slice of it!

This post is for my Mum, Pops and Sis. Mum and Pops,  thanks for bring me into this world, for making me what I'm today and for dealing with your overly demanding girl. To my sis who is top on earth patient and extremely supportive. I love you guys.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I will be off from blogosphere for about a month, sorry about it. I know maybe I need some courses on time management, sigh! Till then have fun, cook a lot, eat well and stay happy. Will hop in once in a while in your blogs, if not pardon me! Happy Valentine days/Hyvää ystävänpäivä! 


Mom ka Khana - Chicken Briyani & chilli Chicken

I know I know my blog baby has been sleeping unattended for a while now, I'm left occupied through out with all good warm food right from kitchen, sometime I enjoy warm puries sitting on the kitchen table, can you believe that? Right now I'm like little over grown hamster :D Doesn't actually matter since I will be deaerated as soon mum goes back to India.

We invited Somjai Tero and her mum for Indian lunch, Somjai came with her little princess Aida. Oh my my she is such a darling, very obviously everyone's attention was only towards her. While we were busy eating, everyone had their turns to play and keep her occupied. Baby darling kept us on toe with smile, cry, potty, snuggle and much more. What can I say? Just for couple of hours the whole house was vibrant.

Mum made our typical Sunday special lunch as we do at home, chicken briyani (with coconut milk), chilly chicken, dum aloo, raita and suji ka halwa. This Briyani is very unconvetional type very simple and easy too cook. The whole lot is mum's recipe, hope you guys will enjoy as much as we did....Wish you all a happy weekend  :)

February is heart month, so folks eat healthy, exercise some, no to smoking and have a perfect healthy heart!

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