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Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Cinnamon Honey Baked Apricots

Sometime I crave for desserts which are light, sweet, warm and it should hardly take any efforts to make, after all it's Sunday afternoon. I have mini dark chocolate store (7 to 8 flavors) but they don't help at times. I went and stood staring at them for few minutes, walked to my refrigerator saw few apricots shrinking. Right then active grey matter reminded me of a quick recipe which Vinoo said to me, here it is. I simply love it, thanks Vinoo for coming up with wonderful recipe. Have it warm, for those who don't like white chocolate you can very well have with vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce. Happy working week ahead. Hugs! 


Nature's Darling Diamonds - Wordless Wednesday


Pink/ Breast cancer awareness - Family favorite/Beetroot kurma

There are quite many to say in this post, but will try keep it crisp. Since October being "breast cancer awareness" month, thought will give you primitive detail about abnormal cells, from which tumors are formed. Every living being is composed of  cells and continuous controlled cell division takes place. Due to DNA mutation in the cells, abnormal rate of division of cells happens, resulting in collection of cells called tumor. There two type of tumor  benign and malignant tumor. Malignant tumor is the evil guy. The same thing happens in breast, during initial stage and secondary stages they are either treated or removed. At third stage tumor spread to greater extent and results can be fatal. I found two educative slideshow and video, check when time permits. We are precious ladies and we have to treat ourself best in order to serve others good. To keep away from carcinogenic diseases, stay healthy, stress free, no to smoking and most important of all  microwave bowls are something which has to be changed now and then, it is not for long term use, they turn into carcinogenic materials after certain time period. Microwave irradiation break the bonds in the polymer changing their original property. Am not a bio student, if you find any of the details wrong, pardon me, correct me, trash me or just chuck it out :)

Now to beetroot kurma, am not a big fan of beetroot but I adore this kurma, this is our family favorite, most important of all my dad's. Usually in this kurma, beetroot to potato ratio is about 3:1, every one in the family will look for those little potato, my dad insists mum to add more of it, but mum says that potato's are added to obtain the right consistency if added more it becomes potato kurma. Oh well..anyways we love..hope you will like it too :)

Thanks guys for the pouring response you all had given for my mango delight, I was overwhelmed and for some comments felt dramatic in positive sense :) For all my dear friends who had been waiting for veg recipe again here it is, Divya this is exclusively for you! 

Finally, to stay fit and fine, we got to be happy, keep smiling, worries and pressure will come and go take it easy, after all we have to live the best life out of better possibilities. For all the suffering patience prayers for hope courage, strength and will power. Amen!  
                                                                                   Stay Pink!

                                                                      I was amazed by the gorgeous texture

On lighter note if you are wondering about the leaves popping out of my beetroot's? didn't care them for bit long time that it started to grow, leaving no option left for me to use them right away...Ahem :P


Dangerously Delightful : Mango Delight

Who doesn't like king of fruits Mr. Mango? I'm a huge fan of him. Like mentioned in my previous post, I have a mango tree in our house, every year the yield was around 600 to 700 mangoes. After the harvest, the raw mangoes has to be kept in a special room, with proper setting to maintain the temperature for them to turn golden yellow. Mum and dad does them perfectly using some kind of dry grass and warp them in jute bags. As kids myself and my sis were curious how mangoes turn yellow and we used to peep into those bags every day, which was not good in any sense, but we do them when mummy and papa were away haha. Ripening time is around two weeks or more. Slowly the brusting of flavors will start, man I can't tell you guys it's one of the most wonderful time of the year, with all those gorgeous, succulent ,ultra sweet ones spread on the table. No we don't eat all of them, mum distributes to family member and neighbors and I cry buckets when she does that :D

On top of this my grandpa used to own a mango farm and he sends one basket of king of king Banganapalle mangoes all the way from my native place. With such a heavy duty mango background, when I came to Finland I was devoid of them. Usually I take my vacation during late autumn to escape gray and gloomy time of the year, but it's too late for mangoes in India. After four long years, this year I have been super dooper lucky as one of oriental shop uncle brought some form Sweden for we starving Indians. Can't tell you how we ladies barged into his shop and almost emptied the shelves. I quickly froze few diced mangoes to play around with it in baking. Was searching for weeks to make something exclusive, delectable, enchanting and darling. Total credit goes to dessert.net for this fantastic recipe, followed it to dot. But reduced the quantity to half. Hope you will also enjoy. 

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