Delicate darling - Pistachios gujiya/puri

Pistachios gujiya/puri my today's experiment. During diwali  my aunt used to make almond (badam) puries, duly copied her recipe but replaced almond with pista. It started great, even puries were surprisingly puffing very well. Must say am terrible when it comes to deep frying, got excited when they were turning out well, eventually I ended up frying my index finger :(( 
With burning fingers I couldn't continue with puries, so ended up making gujiya's, they seemed quick and easy. Shared it with Ritika and Asima. I was calling them as kachories, thanks Ritika for educating me the difference between kachories and gujiya. Somehow manged to make few click with damaged fingers. Hope you guys will enjoy this recipe at some point, but do with care. This sweet itself is very delicate and lots of care is need while processing. Now my kitchen is like a war field, will go and set them...hope you all have a great weekend...Hugs!


A surprise dessert - Apple oats crumb

I made this dessert for Somjai as surprise, who is pregnant and is undergoing stages of pregnancy cravings. She was eagerly calling me every week asking me to check at department cafe (they are very good with this dessert) if apple crumb was available as she wanted to eat them no matter what. But unfortunately for all three weeks, apple crumb was not in menu. One Saturday we planned to have dinner at Somjai house, I promised to cook capsicum chicken, Vinoo made chocolate raspberry cupcakes  and Somjai made spicy Thai noodle, all what going to be mama wanted to eat! So I planned to bake apple oat for Somjai as surprise, not big one though but I love to watch her million dollar expression. when I gave her big bowl, she asked "oh you cooked so much chicken for me" myself and Vinoo kept quite, until she opens to find the one she wanted...all she said was "Ahhhhhhhiiiiiiiii, one 32 teeth smile and thank you Ananda". I melted! She is very expressive lady and can make anyone on this earth to laugh heart out with her timely jokes, if I find no reason to smile or talk I call Somjai, she will make me laugh in less than a minute and make quick plan for dinner to cheer up, wish I could make many more goodies for her, but 24 hrs seems to be less for a day! :)
 This is ultra simple but healthy dessert can be had just like that or with one scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  It was even great for breakfast.


                                                           This pic takes me to apple wonderland :)


Heaven on earth! Finnish summer cottage Part2-Lemon Chocolate pound cake

After a great holiday in Vienna, was on vacation hang-over for almost week, the reason for late part2. Coming back to summer cottage, yes this time we were again on the lake side, but weather Goddess was in bad mood, we had gray clouds and showers! We spent evening indoors. Sitting in front of large window we could see whole lake thro' trees. Trust me I could sit hours staring. Sometime silence are best for humans, I had time for introspection, clearing my wandering thoughts finally some peace. within few hours I felt like my mind was devoid of thoughts, which is very rare. God heaven, felt light relaxed and happy.

                                                                          Curtain in my room

                                                       Papaya salad and fresh super spicy red chilies

                                                                                   Yea tall trees
                                                                                    Still water

For dinner Somjai cooked wonderful Thai food, shame on me I forgot the name, but it was super delicious and extra spicy. Cold outside and warm, spicy food, num num. One another fact I loved was my room. I had my room on the first floor, close to the roof, which was tapering down, so it was like a little princess room. that was enough to make me even more special. After all good food, walk outside and few mins on the lake side peer, I had best sleep of the year. Next day morning for breakfast we enjoyed my pound cake, it was refreshing, flavor from lemon,  hmmm yum! Each of us decided to do our own things, photo-shoot, walk on the endless rood, still water, rock and talk tree, spoke millions. It was truly an experience in life.
For lunch again Somjai cooked papaya salad with sticky rice and my mint chicken, wonderful. We slept again then it was smoke sauna time, we girls giggled had fun. Finally next day there was some warm sun, before we left the place. So got to see the blue sky and lake looked gorgeous, Technically I can go endlessly when sun was shining I sat on the peer with ipod, wish I could go once in a month to get recharged........But, and but always remains in Life :)

                                                                                Endless road
                                                                         Finally some blue sky

                                                                 Was totally in love with lemon zest

                                                                I got lucky feather in egg box

                                                                    Don't they look gorgeous?


                                                                              Perfect with tea!

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