Happy New Year - Chocolate Kiwi - Mousse Cake

Another year is coming to an end, and it has a been a glorious end, with me designated as Dr.Ananda Rajashekar. I'm yet to come back from state of elation. It was a beautiful experience, hard to describe in few words with a nervous start in the morning, then gradually getting engrossed in conveying my 6 yrs of research followed by hours of thoughtful discussion.... The day ended with great party with most dear people, cherished speech, gifts and their love.....A day I enjoyed the most and a day I would remember for life! Will write more in detail with pictures soon! 


D-Day coming up!!

The date I will be defending my thesis is on Dec 16th. Join me and send me all your wishes. You all have been a part of my PhD journey. Without all your good wishes the day wouldn't be complete. Thesis is ready, this is the copy of pre-print version (today i'm correcting printing errors). Presentation is ready, wardrobe is ready, venue, menu all set and organised. I'm excited equally nervous.... Sigh!!....all I  dream of is  my opponent whipping and baking me as a cake!

Here goes my invitation and copy of my thesis to you all  :) will get back pretty soon! 

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