Banana Oatmeal Muffins for Mother's day

It excites me when I find a reason or inspiration to cook something special. Baked banana oatmeal muffins for Mother's day about more than a month ago.

I went around searching theme, found bunch of yellow and orange roses that matched the recipe and felt perfect for Mother's day. One special ingredient in this recipe is sun-dried banana, brought from newly opened organic shop in my city, which has too many goodies. This is an eggless recipe, to keep up the promise for my eggless chicks :)

                     From organic food shop- hydrated vegetable chips, healthy snacks - loved it!

Last year when mum visited me in Finland, we celebrated Mother's day in a very special way, went on a holiday trip to Stockholm by cruise. Sailing through the Baltic Sea and spending days in sunny Stockholm was indeed a trip to remember. Knowing I could never rewind my life I made the best use of mum's stay with me in Finland. This was beautiful stage where, myself and mum spent the days more than friends, we spoke endlessly, giggled and cooked for each other. Week day's mum fed me healthy scrumptious food. During weekends I broke all the rules and made all the unhealthy and extra delicious food.

This year, I kept all memories fresh in mind and made these muffins and dutifully sent her pictures, along with a book from M.I.L.K photography collection named "Dear Mum" as a surprise gift and sincerely ate all muffins by myself. And these were few lines I wrote for her

One soul who felt us growing, unceasingly nurturing us till today without a hitch.
A daughter will be adored by Father, she will perceive him ever to stay protected.
But it's Mother, who she always wants to see herself as.
You strong eminent lady, taught us blind faith and doped courage within us.
Hope for life and self confidence through self respect.
The day when we reached lower levels,
You kindled with your strong thought provoking words,
Which we initially assumed as rage you showed.
As we grew, understood your method to make us tough and wise.
Mom, you our little baby, on the hands of your daughters,
Lay on back on us and rest a while, it's our time to nurture you.
Our Dearest Mom, we will there for you even if earth wearies off!

These muffins are best for breakfast and you might notice I have glass of milk in background for most of the pictures. This is to emphasis, how important milk is for women after menopause, they are in need of calcium to prevent osteoporosis. Don't forget to share this information with your mum and don't wait for an opportunity to live life, create one, enjoy to fullest and cherish when it becomes past.


Methi Prawns - Fenugreek Prawns

Prawns prawns prawns yet another favorite of mine. Thai green curry with prawns and Chinese szechuan prawns, oh boy! these recipes are quite irresistible to me. I love when Somjai cooks Thai green curry, I have learnt the recipe from her, soon will post it the way she cooks. The maximum I enjoyed eating prawns was in Thailand when I went to attend Somjai and Tero's wedding. She took us to coastal side restaurant and fresh seafood tasted million dollars! I lavishly ate king prawns and lobsters. Oh miss being in Hat-Yai for food and especially for Somjai mum, we spoke in our own sign language as we didn't know each others language. But to communicate with any mom is just so easy as they are warm to all kids in the world.  And this  recipes is exclusively  from my Mum kitchen's,  the best kitchen in my world. The recipe tastes best with steamed rice.

                                                                                          Lily oh lily

                                                                                         Fresh Prawns :)


                                                                                       Ready to binge!

                                                                                     Steamed basmathi rice


Baci Di Ricotta - Kiss of Ricotta

There are times when few recipes or food pictures flashes in my brain, dream endlessly. They haunt me until it is prepared, making me feel "you lazy bum, get it kick started". The same was with Baci Di Ricotta.  To trace ricotta cheese in the market was causing the delay. But my office colleague, Francesco, extracted info from his friend and fianlly I got to know whereabouts of  the cheese. Grazie guys! you never know how many more desserts are waiting in queue to be made from ricotta. The beauty was I had to wait for another 3 weeks as they were out of stock in markets! Oh yeah, exactly! that's how I felt.

                                                                     This guy kept me waiting for months!

                                                               Ingredients, Love cinnamon in  desserts
Finally a day arrived, myself and Vinoo planned a good evening, made healthy spinach chicken pasta and pampered ourselves or got kissed by these cutie dessert. We made quick chocolate ricotta mousse from leftover cheese.  The recipe is from Nigella's kitchen, as per instruction it was supposed to be  had with caster sugar, we tried many other combination, melted chocolate, honey and with ricotta mousse. The best was with mousse and equally good with caster sugar. So to get yourself kissed, try this recipe. Yes Baci di ricotta means kiss of ricotta :). It tasted good even the next day, perfect for morning tea.

                                                                   Gorgeous golden yellow and the cheese

                                                                               All set and ready to be fried

                                                                                        Bingo! Almost done!

                                                                    I bet you can't stop with one

                                              Spinach chicken pasta,  soon will be in my recipe index......


                                                    You can Imagine how much we would have enjoyed

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