Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Writing the first line of your first blog is harder than writing a thesis or book. I'm extremely self-conscious right now, hoping it to fade away as the journey of new conversation evolves. Will slowly unfurl my thoughts, experience and how I came up with such a far-fetched idea.

                                                        Gorgeous blend of two dark yummies

As in India, any new beginning or idea will be followed by sweet distribution, symbolizing spreading of happiness and welcoming goodness. Can there be anything other than chocolate raspberry cupcakes that I could start with?

                                                       In they go into silicone cupcake tins

One common question I have been asked lately, are you doing your PhD in baking? Wish I could have answered yes! Doesn't mean I dislike Physics, but it's the final stressful year that makes me frustrated. Finland my first trip abroad landed as naive PhD student, hardly did I have any basic experience in cooking, and days went by, nothing improved other than my phone bill. kept questing mum endlessly for anything and everything I cooked. Million thanks for your patience mom and to food blogs for egging me on to cake baking. Yes today am doing my masters thesis on cooking :D

                                                                Getting cooled to be crowned

Dark chocolates with cherries and raspberries are my personal favorites. Fresh berries? forget about it, it's the never ending winter, managed to get good frozen handpicked berries from local stores. Found quality of cranberries, lingonberries, and blueberries enticing me to use them in various forms.

                                                                      Lined up for photoshoot

Usually I go with light sponge cake but heavily crowned with chocolate ganache and guiltily get indulged. With delightful combination of sourness and chocolate you will notice freshness from berries and crunchy effect from raspberry seeds. Made 20 cupcakes, happily distributed to my friends.

                                                          Longitudinal section and discovery inside

Welcome to all readers and thanks to Google search engine. Do feel free to post in your comments, your experiences and/or constructive criticism.

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