Way Back into Love! - Vodka Pasta

It may sound like a cliché, but still I will go on....! 

Few months before my two years experiment bombed, it was a big failure which was hard for me to assimilate. It was one reason why I took time off to think about restructuring, possible? or should I walk off. Our hate relationship has been going on past two years...... you will be surprised if I say when we started, we had the best time going hand in hand.
After thoughtful discussions, my supervisors and family didn't allow me to walk way, according to them it is a common phase of every phd life. When much required support and action was done, I decided not to walk off rather to stay in the battlefield to fight. After crossing the field 70%, thought it is time either to kill or get killed.

I mustered all courage got back, few longest meetings, diverted tracks with one aim to find best of many ways to move forward leaving the rest back. So all set and done, I have fallen in love with Mr. PhD all over again, cajoling him every day to say I love you, my new mantra to check if it can create any magic? ;)
Yes now  might all think/ask, why on earth did I take this? I have asked that question million times though it has been my passion and still is! 

On a lighter note, PhD is all about Permanent Head Damage yes half done, still 8 more months to go, two manuscripts and one thesis needs to be fixed, then totally damage will be done!

This recipe is from Nigella kitchen. Simple pasta to reach soul on a tired evening. These pictures are taken during mid-winter time, where there were no days without candles. Do enjoy. Catch you all soonish. Chao!

                                                                Exactly me! PhD comics
                    *Pic's are again not its best, sunken eyes bad editing apologies!


My niece who sparkles my day! -WW

From riches to rags - Salmon Soup

After three months of hearty time with mum, present state snoozing alarm, trans-mind, minced words and silence. My lil Ms Sunshine (mum) is back to India and I'm kicked from riches to rags, good time flies fast sigh! Changes and breaks are vital in life, during the time off, experimented quite a lot on food and photography this post is one of those. I heart Finnish salmon soup, the first time I heard about fish in soup, was skeptical how it would be like? it took two years to me to give it a try and no looking back since then.  

One of my wildest wish was to do food photoshoot in snow. After a series of thoughts we decided soup with a fancy idea to capture steam from hot soup. One fine day when weather prediction stated -10 C and mild snow, found it be the best day, since lighting would be perfect and fresh snow will help for clean surface to place the food. We had to get prepared quite a lot, felt like we were going for a picnic as we needed whole lot of stuffs to get the food placed well. Hunt for the location was challenging, mum found one good place, very near to apartment and mainly since it was clean and I could also get the forest view. We got ourselves packed and started the shoot, after 5 minutes I couldn't sense my fingers, God it was hurting, poor mum she helped me quite a lot, in-spite it was extremely cold her. 

It took almost 35 minutes for us to get it done. That's when I thought decided never to try any of my crazy ideas. On brighter side soup was great, Marjut, my Finnish food chef/guru thought me how to cook the soup and she certified it was good! In case you are in search of steam in the picture, chuck it off guys, the soup was frozen the moment it was out in the bowl....brrr! 

Apart from all these, I can't get out of what is happening in Japan, it's extremely sad for the beautiful country. My friends in japan are safe, but we are still devastated seeing all the disaster. Nuclear explosion, radiation leak has been the talk of my department, questions/politics of nuclear research has started? I pray God for the least consequence of radiation leak. The same goes for the heart wrenching earthquake in Christchurch, immediately wrote to Sue, she is fine but she lost her house, horrible! From my previous post, I did learn that we have no control over nature, but my prayer goes to all the brave souls fighting out there, for strength and hope. Amen! 

For more physics behind the radiation leak and earthquake check few links here and here.

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