It's me Ananda, Indian, physicist, doing PhD, presently living in a serene city Jyväsklä, Finland. Experimenting food is something I enjoy apart from researching, or call it my stress buster! Not at the department, you will find me in kitchen or muddling with my camera. Have an appetite for learning, food photography and some rhythmic movement to reshape my rigid bones, thanks to physics, are on priority list. Am optimist, determined, sensitive, sweet toothed, love anything with pink and will never/can say no. My blog is a place where I will share my food, which brings greatest joy in life and would spare you with the disasters that do tend to happen
Why A pinch of love? Food the driving force of my life, wish to treat it with love, not only does it fulfills hearts desire or hunger but it does reach the soul....The way I see life.

Photographs and Camera
The photo's in my blog are from my own camera, brain and hand work. Please take permission to copy it for any reason. I use cannon EOS 450D. So far am managing with 18-55 lens.

Check my flickr account for photos  " Ananda Rajashekar - A Pinch of love"

Your cake don't look the same way as mine? Did u notice anything different? or do you have any new idea? Write to me at rananda.apl(at)gmail.com

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